Jun 25

Is batik only for formal use ?

20120623_134204Some people tends to think batik is a formal clothe we can only wear for special event, like: traditional event, traditional marriage or some other formal event. Hence many people buy batik and wear it only once or twice. But this assumption is totally wrong.

Nowadays, modern batik can be use not just in a formal event. Batik has been develop for many occasion. Start from casual activity, having fun with family or friends,partying in the crows and formal event for sure.

Combining batik with other material like jersey, denim, soft leather, casual jacket or cardigan will also work for our daily batik. Like what me and family did over last weekend.

Last weekend me and family have bunch of agenda had been planned. Started with attending our children final exam results then went for bowling and back again to school on the night for end of study celebration. Next day we attend a seminar about how to endorse a TKI (Indonesia Labour Overseas) to become entrepreneur and weekend was ended with had dinner at Es Teller 77 Kuala Lumpur where another training for TKI was conducted. On all of those agenda, we make batik as our theme and it looked so nice.

Jun 20

Tips: how to take care our batik

Batik beauty is determine from it’s pattern and colour. We really don’t want our batik clothe colour fade away or our lovely batik pattern become opaque. Hence we need to manage our batik in proper treatment. Below we will find some tips on how to do with our baju batik to sustain the colour and pattern of our batik.





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Jun 18

Tips on how to choose a batik tulis

BTP01-ORG-2If we go any batik store, sometime we feel “lost”, confuse and difficult, to find batik tulis we would like to purchase. Question like: is it really original batik tulis, is quality of this batik tulis is good, and some others question may roam in our mind looking for answer where we really dont’ know how to answer.

So, here we will discuss how to identify a batik tulis with good quality


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Jun 14

Variant of Batik: by Process of Making

BTP01-MRH-1There are many variants of Batik, each have their own beauty. Preference of each person also may be different on what kind of Batik they love to wear. On this post we will describe further about variant of Batik, and this time we would like to highlight base on it creation process.

Batik Tulis

This kind of batik is considered as highest grade of batik, batik tulis is made manually by write the pattern using tjanting, a traditional batik tool. This writing process could take about 1 or 2 weeks depend on complexity of pattern. Because difficulty level is high and the output is totally state of the art, Batik Tulis has higher value than other kind of batik.

Batik Cap

Batik cap or Stamped Batik is variant of batik regularly found on store or market. It is called as Cap because method to write batik pattern is using stamp (chop) or block. A stamp is made from wood and crafted with predefined pattern, it has bigger dimension than tjanting, thus production time can be increase extremely.

Batik Lukis

Batik lukis is process of creating batik by directly draw picture on clothes. It is like an artist draws on a canvass.

Batik Cetak

Another way to make batik is using latest technology, printing. Easy to define or change a pattern and rapid production process are two most benefit of choose this method to produce batik. However, some people prefer to have manual process for sake of art and quality of product which mostly better than automatic one.

May 04

Batik, a beautiful heritage for the world

batikFor years, batik has been well known as premium clothing material. Uniqueness of its pattern and philosophy graphs on its making enchants many people around the world of its beauty. Batik has been truly a lovely heritage that every person should know about.

Batik as a word derived from 2 Javanese words “amba” (to draw) and “titik” (dot), coincide with fact batik is actually a cloth traditionally drawn using manual dotting wax-resist dyeing technique. The word batik itself, first recorded in English in 1880’s The Encylopedia Britannica , spelled as battik and attested in Indonesia Archipelago during Dutch colonial period in various forms like batik, mbatek and batik.

There are many type of batik in this world. Particularly, we can find batik in most of Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, China, South Asia, South Africa and some other countries. Each of those country will have their own characteristic of batik.  In some location like Java, Indonesia for instance, certain pattern can only be worn by nobility or it will give the batik owner more prestige.

Because of it uniqueness and beauty, on October 2, 2009 UNESCO designated Indonesian batik as masterpiece of oral and intangible heritage of humanity. As part of the acknowledgement, UNESCO insisted Indonesia preserve their heritage.

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